Certificates / Insurance

Finnish work safety training

Sigmatic OÜ employees have participated in the standard work safety training course organized by Finland’s Work Safety Centre and they have received the Finnish work safety certificate (the so-called green card or työturvallisuuskortti).

Hot work training of Northern countries

Hot works (works involving sparks, open flames, or other heat that can be flammable – for example, welding or using the disc cutter) can be performed by people with the valid hot work certificate (Standard SFS 5900). Sigmatic OÜ employees have passed the relevant fire safety training and received the hot work certificate (so-called blue card or tulityökortti). The hot work permission is registered in Finnish Rescue Services Centre (Soome Päästeala Keskliit – SPEK).


Sigmatic OÜ employees have the job qualification certificate for using inner transport mobile machinery. Hoist drivers are allowed to work as the drivers of the inner transport mobile machinery (the loader with internal combustion engine and electric drive, stacker, and cart)
Training license issued in 2011.


(Employer’s Liability Insurance Policy No. 23475033/1)
Valid from 15.03.2023 until 14.03.2024


(Insurance Certificate Policy No. 25867392/1)
Territory: European Union
Valid from 03.09.2023 until 02.09.2024

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